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Meet Our Dental Team

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I love to smile, and I love being around the wonderful smiles of our patients! I have been honored to work at this practice for over 35 years. Being here for so long, I am now seeing third and fourth generations of families coming here for treatment. It's great to see new and old smiles coming into our practice, and knowing that they trust us and truly enjoy coming here for their dental care. Even after so many years, I still look forward to coming to work each day and seeing the team. Each member of this team is like second family to me; we all care about each other, and we care about our patients.

My husband Sam and I are former residents of Robbinsville, we now reside in Hamilton. Our married children, Dennis and Deanna were raised in Robbinsville and are comfortable in their chosen career's and starting families of their own. We're proud to say we've welcomed our first grandson Jackson and anticipate the birth of our granddaughter. When I'm not at the practice, I enjoy going on bike rides and taking workout classes. I've also been skydiving; you'll have to ask me about my experience!

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Registered Dental Assistant

I first was inspired to work in dentistry while I was in high school. I spent my summer breaks working in a dental practice and after spending time there, I knew it would be a great career choice for me. I have now been working in dentistry for over 20 years, and I still feel that this is the most wonderful profession. I love the artistry and skill involved with working in dentistry, and I enjoy being around our patients every day, making them smile.

I have lived in Bordentown my entire life, and I am happy to now be raising my own family in the same community the I grew up! My husband, Pete, and I have one daughter, named Alexis, who we love spending time with. I also enjoy scrapbooking, photography, exercising, and gardening in the summer time. I have a hard time saying "no," so I am involved in many community activities, including PTO, vice president of the Bordentown Area Basketball League, volunteer fundraiser for the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, and I help with various community drives for the St. George Greek Orthodox Church.



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Registered Dental Hygienist

I truly love working in dentistry! I have been working in dentistry for over 25 years and at this practice for almost ten. It is my duty as a registered dental hygienist to help educate our patients on improving and maintaining their dental health. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with our patients, and being there to answer any questions that they may have. I also appreciate working with such a compassionate, caring team of people. Everybody who works here is dedicated to our patients and our profession, and focused on providing the best care possible.

Outside of the practice, I keep myself busy with family, friends, and my involvement in the community. My husband, Rob, and I have two grown sons, Bob and Michael. I am a member of the Central Jersey Dental Hygiene Association, providing me with continuing education opportunities. I recently started weight lifting training (not for body building, but as a way to stay in shape). I also enjoy walking, going for bike rides, cross-stitching, and gardening.

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